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Is the text size too small for you?

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Changing the text size

If you find difficult to read because of the font size, then you have to change your text-size option in your browser. We only have a guide to do this for the people using Internet Explorer 6.

It is simple, there are two ways to change the text size:

1.You can change it here:View>Text size>(options):

2. Or you can just press the Control key and play with your mouse scroller (if your mouse has one).


Well, this website was built in tree different languages: english, german and spanish. You can change the language right below the title image, where you can find the language selector next to a "Go" button.

If your mothertounge isn't english, german or spanish, you can also change the language using websites tranlators. In this case, we will show you how to do this by using the Altavista's Babel Fish Translator®. First, copy this URL: and then enter to this website, where you might be able to see a textfield below a "Tanslate a Web Page" header. Past the Url in the text field and choose your language in the menu below.

Note: you will translate a webpage en english, so be sure that you are selecting "English to (your language)".

We apologize for the trouble and if you still have not found your language, you can try using other websites translator like Google's.

Any comments or questions, please contact us. Thank you.