Letter of the Associate Editors Peruvians

Dear friends, Peruvian orchid growers, scientists and amateurs:

The following is a collection of outstanding corrections for the book:

ORCHIDS Species of Perú - Author: Harry Zelenko, Co-author: Pablo Bermúdez Editorial ZAI, presented in Lima, December 2008, and printed in Ecuador. © 2009

We reviewed 1600 photos (being it difficult to identify species in photography) comparing them with the botanical drawings we were able to get in Peru, Ecuador, Venezuela and Colombia, as well as consulting with Kew Garden.Org and others.

We developed this report from August 2007 to August 2008, with the desire to help in the process of elaborating a complete and reliable guidebook of Peruvian orchids.

For reasons unkown to us, the corrections we made and presented in a 35-pages signed report in August 2008, were not completely incroporated in the book prior to printing.

Upon the eventual reception of the printed version, we have marked outstanding corrections page by page.

Outside our responsibility are the texts regarding Genres, flower size, growing methods, list of species in Peru, and others presented and printed by the authors of ORCHIDS Species of Perú.

Waiting 6 months to find a “erratum slip” on the website, or printed version (as we requested) has had no results thus far.

Lima, 16th July, 2009

Benjamín Collantes Meza , Biologist – Peruvian species research scientist Author of the book: Orquídeas de Machu Picchu – Editor Inkaterra - 2007

Erica Morón de Abad , Orquideófila- Conservationist – Cultivo in vitro

Dr. Günter Gerlach - Biólogo - Curador e Investigador de algunas Subtribus Neotropicales - Jardín Botánico de Munich, Alemania.

If you find an error in our work, please contact us my e-mail. Thank you.

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Recommendation: Printing the file and pasting it where it corresponds, this way the book would also serve as an identification manual.