About Us

After ten years of terrorist violence, Peru recovered peace and we Peruvians began traveling again all through our country.

My husband and I decided to buy our 4x4 vehicle to set off to discover orchid habitats, archeological sites, protected areas and all the wonders in our country, taking our children along and always in the company of our loving friends in our off-road activities.

The landscape, the snow-crowned mountains, the lakes, the mountains have always been spectacular in Peru. We went to all the museums, we walked all the ruins and monuments... to make a long story short... We enjoyed Peru to its maximum.

We found the habitats of Praghmipedium, Lycaste, Masdevallia, Cattleya, Stanhopeas, etc. In amazing quantities. Entire hills full of orchids.

However, when we returned, two years later, those habitats no longer existed. They had been totally depredated. We could hardly believe it, there was not a single plant left! In other places, the forest had been burnt down to turn it into farmland or cattle-breeding lands.

It was then, when I decided to start an in vitro reproduction laboratory and I began it little by little. I would prepare the seeds of the Peruvian species in danger of extinction and I began a new conservation program for Chloraea pavoni and Psychopsis sanderae. I then enlarged it to other species looking for good “parent plants” for the seed I was to plant. Sometimes, our friends who breed orchids would give me seeds.

In 1999 we invited Mr. Peter Croezen from Canada to Perú, to update our laboratory’s conservation and propagation techniques.

We invited him twice in 2000 and 2001, year in which he gave a course on Orchid Breeding Techniques at the La Molina Agriculture University and at Pestalozzi School.

Each time we found the opportunity to take him along to know the orchid habitats we had discovered (Moyobamba, Chachapoyas, San Ramon, etc) because he cultivates in his basement but he had never been in their natural surroundings.

This is how Peter has got to know and loved Perù, where he has made many friends and defends conservation activities in our country.

Nowadays, we organize specialized tours for Photo Hunting and/or simply to see the orchids and their natural locations.

Raúl Abad Echecopar... an Off Roader since 1994

Erica Morón de Abad... an orchid lover since 1981

Together... with orchids

More information and/or suggestions:

Stock de frascos con Orquídeas in vitro
For de-flasks:
- Psychopsis sanderae
- Stanhopea deltoidea
- Stanhopea connata
- Stanhopea candida
- Comparettia moroniae (new)
- Psygmorchis pusilla (bloom inside soon)
- Macroclinium aurorae

- Doriteanopsis Minho Princess (few flasks)
- Phalaenopsis Maky Watanabe
- Cyrtochilum macranthum var flavun
- Platystele aff. caudatisepala
- Maxillaria hajeki
- Odontoglossum pardinum
- tubes with 10 seedlings (aprox)
- flasks with 20 seedlings (aprox)

Please ask for prices and others species, we are sowing two times a week.